If you believe that to love someone and to be loved in return is absolutely priceless, you're in the right place.


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Camille Thurnherr - Life Is Better With Love

"life is better with love"

- Camille Thurnherr

I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. I believe that, no matter how much you've accomplished in your life so far, for you to have a loving and meaningful relationship, will add another dimension to your life.

I believe that the modern woman can have a thriving career, as well as a passionate and fulfilling love life.

Is it easy to have the cake and eat it too? Unfortunately, no. Is it possible, absolutely.

I get it. You might feel that giving up on your relationship goal would be easier in so many ways. You could keep focusing on all the things you have control over, your career, your finances and other projects that fulfil you.

However, if you are anything like I was 10 years ago, not having a loving and committed relationship is not an option for you. You know what you want and you know you deserve to have a great man in your life. A man who loves and cherishes you for the amazing woman you are.

So what might be in your way right now to attract a great man, a man you respect and are attracted to? A man who actually wants to commit?

From helping clients over the last 5 years, it's usually not just the one thing that is preventing them from attracting an amazing man.

It's often a combination of beliefs and sabotaging behaviours that getsĀ in the way.

For example, you might have a pattern of being attracted to emotionally unavailable men, or you might not have a dating strategy in place. You might not feel in touch with some of the key aspects of femininity.

Client Love

Rebecca Stobbs Testimonial

"I found my life partner"


Camille is excellent at what she does and really supported me in finding my Mr Right. Her advice actually works and I'm the proven result! I found my life partner very soon after my sessions with Camille and have just moved in with him! She is a great mentor with a hugely compassionate approach that is both practical yet understanding
- Rebecca Stobbs

Jagriti Bhatia Testimonial

"I now attract much higher quality men"


Camille is a magician when it comes to helping women attract high quality men. She was so patient and her wealth of knowledge and gentle approach helped me dive deeper into understanding any underlying issues that were blocking me in my relationships. Through our one on one work and her fabulous online programs, I managed to overcome so many issues that were stopping me from finding the right man. I now attract much higher quality men into my life and enjoy the feeling of receiving and getting spoiled!
- Jagriti Bhatia

Amanda McLaren | Prioritise Love

"Camille is an expert Dating Coach"


Camille is an expert 'Dating Coach' who is passionate and professional. I feel completely privileged to work along side Camille as a relationship expert. Her training style is contagious and dynamic. She is committed to educating and supporting her clients to ensure they find the right partner in life and her results speak for themselves.
- Amanda McLaren


I'd love to hear from you, so send me a message with any questions you may have. Camille

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